Sing! Sing! Sing!

What you sing matters… That you sing matters more.

I belong to several worship leader web groups. Recently one sent me a link titled "worship set list ideas". 

The first set list on their site was titled "modern worship set" and the second one was titled "blended worship set". After looking at the two groups I remembered a comment that a guest made one Sunday regarding our song list. She said "man, you guys sing a lot of older songs" and I thought to myself, "really, this is what people consider old songs now? "

Back when I first started as a worship leader many of the churches that I helped would ask for a blended worship set list. What they meant was song selections consisting of both hymns and choruses. Today they mean a list of older choruses blended with the new (basically top 40 Christian) The hymns are gone. Well, at least hymns the way we sang them 20 years ago.

Today, many of the hymns from yesteryear have been rewritten to accommodate a rhythm section. So basically that means they have four chords  and a backbeat. Honestly, I like the new rewrites and apparently so do a lot of other people because I see them making the Billboard top 20 regularly now.

Frankly, I've found it makes little difference what songs we sing as long as they're accessible to the average person, excellent in form and function, and they speak the worship language of the congregation. 

So, although most of the song sets that I put together would be considered "blended" I really don't think it matters much. When I look out at our congregation and I see lifted hands and hear beautiful voices singing praise to our God I am overwhelmed.

 I truly believe we were created to worship God and singing his praises is just one way we do this. Therefore, I'm not as much concerned with what we sing as I am with that we sing. And I would add, that we sing with all of our heart mind and strength for the one true God and He alone.

Written by Pastor Doug Hewitt

Touching Another Generation

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“When you’re not the same person you used to be, you have no business going where you used to go.”
Priscilla Shirer

I love Facebook memories! I love looking at pictures of when my kids where younger and fun memories with friends, but I especially love seeing memories about Bible studies I’ve completed. It’s great to look back at memories and reflect on the lessons I’ve learned, but also the distance I’ve traveled since then.

I resonate with Priscilla’s statement: You’re not the same person….you have no business going where you used to go. This is truth. This is a process that’s easier when you have a trusted Christian woman walking along side you as you travel this journey called life.

Tammy’s Mentoring Story

When I share my mentoring story, I always begin at 2013, but I realize that my mentoring story really began much earlier.

Mentoring relationships at different seasons of my life have blessed and encouraged me. I lived in a Christian home with a godly Mom, who led me to Christ at an early age. As a teenager, a woman of faith at our church came alongside me. She was intentional in our interactions and I always knew I could count on her. As a young adult (and again as a young mom), an Air Force wife spoke into my life! Since moving to Florida in 2004, several women have encouraged me and walked alongside me.

What is the common thread among all of these relationships? Simply, godly women have walked beside me experiencing life together. I’m the woman I am today because of their influence.  I stepped out in faith to launch a mentoring ministry because these women spoke into my life and believed in me!

In a recent sermon, our pastor spoke of the importance of confessing to a trusted friend.
How do you find that trusted someone?

Ask someone to be your mentor. If you’re not sure what that looks like, get Janet Thompson’s new book Mentoring for all Seasons.  This book is a great resource for women. Not only is it the “how to” for finding a mentor or mentee, it’s also a great guide for the different seasons of life. There are testimonies from mentors and mentees who have experienced seasons of life and share how God sustained them through each one.

Saying NO to say YES to God

During Priscilla Shirer’s Bible study, “Discerning the Voice of God,” I learned how to listen for God’s voice. During the “Breathe” Bible study, I found the importance of the word “No.” Priscilla Shirer’s dedication to Kay Arthur and Beth Moore in her “Breathe” Bible study still speaks to me about the importance of No:

For teaching me to say “No.” For inspiring me to put first things first. For showing me by your example the importance of margin and Sabbath. For reminding me that doing everything is not the same as doing the best things.  Thank you. You have taught me that life is better when it has room to breathe.

No is a simple word when used appropriately!

No is a simple word when used appropriately. For such a small word, I really struggled with it. During our church’s new member orientation, I learned that one of my spiritual gifts was “helps.” I thought this meant I should help with every ministry opportunity. This could not be further from the truth.

As I was obedient to say “No” to new opportunities and began stepping away from other ministries, I felt a great peace. The ministries I was involved in weren’t bad, but they were taking me away from home and pulling my attention away from the lesson God was trying to teach me.
God taught me how to hear His Voice – in a song, a post on Facebook, a sermon at church, and most importantly, His voice heard in time spent in God’s Word.

He taught me that sometimes the right answer really is “No.” As I passed on the leadership for the three Bible studies I was leading, God called two leaders for each one. Two is better than one!

Janet Thompson heard the call to “Feed My Sheep,” which prompted her first mentoring opportunity. During a sermon, I could hear the Holy Spirit speak to me about the importance of a mentoring ministry for our church. Even as I heard the message, I began arguing that God could not possibly want me to start a mentoring ministry.

God confirmed this new ministry in many ways. Within a very short time, God orchestrated mentoring training, the support of the church leadership, and a ministry team ready to begin work launching the new ministry. When I was faithful to let others have the blessing of leading ministries I loved, I was able to prepare for this new ministry. 

If I had not been obedient to God’s desire for me to step away, I would not have launched the mentoring ministry, “Touching Another Generation” (TAG). 

Waiting is hard, but being out of the will of God is even harder.

God taught me that His timing is best. Waiting is hard, but being out of the will of God is even harder. He taught me that walking with a Sister-in-Christ is something we all need, even me.
As we were preparing for the launch of TAG 2016, I was also preparing to return to school to complete my bachelor’s degree. Another benefit of saying No was having the time to devote to school. I still cannot explain how there are enough hours in the week for all God allows me to accomplish, so I won’t try. I’ll just give God the glory.

Tammy’s Passion for Mentoring

Why am I so passionate about mentoring? I’ve been richly blessed by amazing women God has placed in my life!

A mentor can help you discern the importance of a simple No.

Mentors don’t have to be Bible scholars, just possess a willingness to invest time in the life of another woman. It may become a source of your greatest blessings.

Looking back, I see that God taught me some very important lessons He meant for me to share with others.

A mentor can also help you evaluate the events from your past to help you see the lessons God is teaching you now.

God created women with a desire to share life with one another. Life isn’t a solitary expedition.
In some area of your life, you’re a role model – a person of influence—and another woman needs to hear your story.  In some area of your life, you’re a role model – a person of influence—and another woman.

Finally, I leave you with Touching Another Generation’s (TAG’s) key verse: Psalm 145:4 “One generation shall praise your works to another and shall declare your mighty acts.”

This article appeared on Janet Thompson’s website on November 6, 2017.

Merry Christmas!


Dear Faith Family,

Christmas provides a unique opportunity every year for each of us to re-focus. Not only are we reminded of the awe-inspiring, world-changing, life-altering gift that is Jesus, but we are reminded of our need for this Jesus to heal us in our brokenness. That is indeed why he came, isn’t it? To bring an everlasting peace between God and man. This is why the angels declared triumphantly, “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace among those with whom he is pleased!” (Luke 2:14 ( ).

As the new year approaches, I want to challenge us, as a church, to impact our world for good. People are in great need, and, more than ever, we need to BE the Church! We need to be people of prayer, faith, righteousness, and compassion. We need to love each other and, above all, love God. Will you commit with us in 2018 to live more fully for Jesus Christ?

These last seven years with you have been a privilege, and we look forward to the many years to come. Deb and I both love you all very much. Your kindness, generosity, and hospitality have been, and continue to be, an immeasurable encouragement. Please continue to pray for us as we seek to shepherd this wonderful flock, with which God has blessed us, with the grace and wisdom you all deserve.

I’d like to close with a benediction I read recently:

May you be filled with the wonder of Mary, the obedience of Joseph, the joy of the angels, the eagerness of the shepherds, the determination of the magi, and the peace of the Christ Child. God bless you now and forever.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from our family to yours,

The Knights