What you sing matters… That you sing matters more.

I belong to several worship leader web groups. Recently one sent me a link titled "worship set list ideas". 

The first set list on their site was titled "modern worship set" and the second one was titled "blended worship set". After looking at the two groups I remembered a comment that a guest made one Sunday regarding our song list. She said "man, you guys sing a lot of older songs" and I thought to myself, "really, this is what people consider old songs now? "

Back when I first started as a worship leader many of the churches that I helped would ask for a blended worship set list. What they meant was song selections consisting of both hymns and choruses. Today they mean a list of older choruses blended with the new (basically top 40 Christian) The hymns are gone. Well, at least hymns the way we sang them 20 years ago.

Today, many of the hymns from yesteryear have been rewritten to accommodate a rhythm section. So basically that means they have four chords  and a backbeat. Honestly, I like the new rewrites and apparently so do a lot of other people because I see them making the Billboard top 20 regularly now.

Frankly, I've found it makes little difference what songs we sing as long as they're accessible to the average person, excellent in form and function, and they speak the worship language of the congregation. 

So, although most of the song sets that I put together would be considered "blended" I really don't think it matters much. When I look out at our congregation and I see lifted hands and hear beautiful voices singing praise to our God I am overwhelmed.

 I truly believe we were created to worship God and singing his praises is just one way we do this. Therefore, I'm not as much concerned with what we sing as I am with that we sing. And I would add, that we sing with all of our heart mind and strength for the one true God and He alone.

Written by Pastor Doug Hewitt