A Deacon shall be a member of First Baptist Church Riverview (for at least 1 year) in good standing prior to serving and have demonstrated faithfulness in worship attendance, Life Groups, church-wide functions, and stewardship.

1.  Nominations for Deacons may be made by members in good standing.
2.  Nominations shall be confidentially submitted by church members; each member may nominate as many names as there are vacancies to be filled and each nomination form must be signed.
3.  Upon careful consideration of all nominations submitted, the Elder body will present the names of the candidates to the church for affirmation.
4.  An ordination service shall be held for newly appointed Deacons that have not been previously ordained.
5.  The men listed below are currently serving and are not eligible for nomination:
     Ken Albaugh, Ken Grimani and Shawn Mills
6.  Please complete the following form to submit your recommendation. Thank you in advance for your prayerful participation!

This is an important position for our church, one that is not to be taken lightly. As such, we ask that you prayerfully complete this form, evaluating each question honestly based on your knowledge of the nominee’s qualifications for the role of Deacon for First Baptist Church Riverview. Please take time to read 1 Timothy 3:1-7, 1 Timothy 5:17-22, and Titus 1:5-9 which describe the qualifications for church leaders.

If clarifications or comments are needed to help explain your choices, please use the appropriate box to do so.  If you do not know if the nominee is qualified in an area, mark the “Don’t Know” column. This is an acceptable answer and will not be held against the nominee.

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Nominee Information
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Deacon Nominee Name
Is the nominee saved and not a recent convert? *
Do you believe he would uphold the FBCR constitution in its entirety? *
Do you consider him spiritually mature, able to make wise, biblically sound decisions? *
Is he above reproach, affording nothing in his moral conduct that can be attacked? *
Does he manage his family well, assuming his responsibility as spiritual leader? *
Do his children respect and obey him, not being open to the charge of being wild and disobdeient? *
Is his wife worthy of respect, not a malicious talker, reasonable and trustworthy? *
Do you know him to be sincere, reasonable, self-controlled and disciplined? *
In dealing with others, is he respectful, not overbearing, not quicktempered, not quarrelsome, not violent, maintaining a good reputation inside and outside the church? *
Is he hospitable and a lover of what is good according to Scripture? *
Is he generous with his money, not focused on the acquisition of wealth, and obtains all his money in an honest and straightforward manner? *
Is he a man known for sound scriptural doctrine, able to encourage those who don’t understand and to refute those who oppose it? *
Do you believe he is a man who holds firmly to biblical truth with a clear conscience, no matter the cost to him personally? *
Is he teachable? *
Can you recommend that he be considered for Deacon without any reservations? *
Do you believe he has been sufficiently tested in his Christian walk and has demonstrated that he is fully qualified to serve as an Deacon according to Scripture? *
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By electronically signing below, I am agreeing that I answered the above questions to the best of my knowledge and would like for the above mentioned nominee to be consider as a Deacon nominee for First Baptist Church of Riverview.
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