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Sometimes, life doesn’t work out like we expected. Even those who walk closely with God find themselves in the pit once in a while. But, when circumstances seem to be against us, God is always at work for us, accomplishing His purposes for our good and His glory. As we study the life of Joseph in Genesis 37-50, we learn how to find faith when life turns sour.

06.10.18 | Making Lemonade
A Pit, A Palace & Providence
Genesis 37:12-36
Pastor Jeff Knight

6.17.18 | Making Lemonade
The Risk & Reward of Right Living
Genesis 39
Pastor Jeff Knight

6.24.18 | Making Lemonade
In God's Waiting Room
Genesis 40-41
Pastor Jeff Knight

07.15.18 | Making Lemonade
Putting the Past in the Past
Genesis 42
Pastor Jeff Knight

07.22.18 | Making Lemonade
In the School of Grace
Genesis 44-45
Pastor Jeff Knight