Got any hurts, habits or hangups?  The truth is that we all do.  Join us for this eight week series as we unpack the Biblical Road to Recovery as recorded by Jesus in the Beatitudes.

09.17.2017 | Road to Recovery
Where to Get Help When You Hurt
Matthew 5:4
Pastor Jeff Knight

09.24.2017 | Road to Recovery
Letting Go
Matthew 5:5
Pastor Jeff Knight

10.08.2017 | Road to Recovery
Making Changes
Matthew 5:6
Pastor Jeff Knight

10.15.2017 | Road to Recovery
Repairing Relationships
Matthew 5:9
Pastor Jeff Knight

10.22.2017 | Road to Recovery
Maintaining Momentum
Matthew 5:9
Pastor Jeff Knight

10.29.2017 | Road to Recovery
Recycling My Pain
Matthew 5:10
Pastor Josh Weaver

Note: due to technical difficulties, some weeks are not available.  Please accept our sincerest apologies.