10.30.16: Invitation

Jesus predicted that he would start a gathering, a movement . . . what we call church.  The church is the hope of the world because the church is the vehicle by which God is bringing the solution to mankind’s greatest problems: sin, sorrow, and death

10.16.17: Amazing

At some point in your faith journey, you will settle into a bargaining posture with God.  “God, if you will... I promise I will...”  We all do it.  But is that really how God wants us to relate to him?  The problem with a bargaining posture is we never keep up our end of the bargain, do we?

10.09.16: Nothing But

We all have things in our pasts that haunt us. We have sin. We know we can do better from this point forward, but how are we supposed to fix the past? We can say we’re sorry. We can ask for forgiveness. But some of the things we’ve done hang over our lives like a cloud. What can wash away our sins?

10.02.16: The Role of Rules

Practically speaking, rules are often the centerpiece of religious life. When it comes to your relationship with God, what is the role of rules?

09.25.16: Sea of Glass

God made a series of promises and Abraham’s response to those promises didn’t just have implications for his personal starting point or the starting points of Judaism, Islam and Christianity. It had implications for your starting point as well.

09.18.16: Coming to Terms

The starting point for Christian faith isn't "the Bible says..."  It's better than that.  It's Jesus.

09.11.16: Something Happened

Everything that exists had a starting point including you.  Do you know that your faith has a starting point as well?