We’ve all been there. Things are not changing; they are not getting better or maybe they are getting worse. You can get stuck in a pattern of thinking or in a place of temptation and getting unstuck isn’t easy, especially when you feel emotionally bogged down. Join us as we discover that God has given us His Word to meet us where we are. He finds us stuck and wants to give us traction. We will learn that He never wants to leave us in a condition that doesn’t reflect His plans for us.

01.13.19 | Unstuck from Fear
Pastor Jeff Knight

01.20.19 | Unstuck from Negativity
Pastor Jeff Knight

01.27.18 | Unstuck in Your Marriage
Pastor Jeff Knight


January 6: Unstuck from Depression

January 13: Unstuck from Fear

January 20: Unstuck from Negativity

January 27: Unstuck in Your Marriage