Worship is the most vital connection in the life of a Christ follower and we seek to give our best in worship from our hearts and with a spirit of excellence.

We strive to bring authentic worship to our King with a prepared heart that is of Spirit and Truth (John 4:23), a vertical worship that centers on God.

We believe worship is a way of life and we encourage all to participate joyfully and to live a life of worship for our Lord.


We are always looking to connect with those who would like to contribute with their gift of song, set design or other musical talents.  If you would like to audition to be in the band, on the worship team or contribute in a behind-the-scenes role, we would love to hear from you!

Send in an audition video of yourself displaying your talents or a brief run down of your background in audio/visual experience.  Here is what we will be looking for:


Please submit a 2-3 minute video that includes:
- small introduction of yourself and if you have any formal training or experience
- why you want to serve on the worship team or be in the band
- sing or play about 60 seconds worth of your favorite song that shows your range and capabilities


Please submit an email that includes:
- small introduction of yourself
- why you want to serve on the audio/visual team
- your technical strengths
- areas of expertise
- areas of interest in audio/visual